Grey payments

Yep as above :point_up:

Some people expected to see the pay early box on Saturday, but that’s not how it works. It appeared today so all is good.

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Are you supposed to see incoming payments 2 days early now or is it still the day before?

Nope, 2 days early is right - but you can only claim them a day early :+1:

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Thought so, looks like I’m not getting paid then. I knew payroll would balls up because I’ve changed to a new job.

Best thing to do is wait until the day you’re due to be paid + contact them if it doesn’t come through. :slight_smile:

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They could be paying you via Faster Payments?

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Fingers crossed, but it’s always been BACS. Knowing the mess that HR and payroll make of new starters and leavers, I’m not optimistic.

On the plus side, this changes give you an extra day to fight them to fix it!

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It’s really nice just to check amount 2 days before and claim next day…

Every time I see this thread I want to say Greyments.


Ok, I’ve got it out of my system now, thanks.


It would be nice if the upcoming transfers you see had a “Get Paid Early” button that would trigger the get paid after 4pm on the day before, that way you could tell it to grab it when it can and set and forget.
So if you are due to be paid on Friday and GPE lets you get it on Thursday 4pm but you see it on Wednesday we could click the button on Wednesday and go through the flow for it to make the money available on the Thursday at 4pm.

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I’m not a fan of get greyed early ™️

I knew I had a bills today, they’re in my committed spending and paid from my bills pot so I can forget about them. But all weekend I had to scroll past them to see my spending. Not a major annoyance and I’m sure I’ll get used to it but urgh


I’d get a claim in against Monzo for RSI from having to scroll a few more inches :rofl:

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Yeah but then that might show up early as well compounding my injury :woman_shrugging:


ooo, now I dont even have to look at my payslip as I can see the amount in app at the same time they are released :smiley:

Less time logging into the 90s payroll system is always a bonus.

that’s good i usually get my payslip after 5pm every wednesday now i can see my pay before i get my payslip, i’m not really too fuss about the pay early i hardly use that feature but it’s good that i have that option if i do need it

Definitely needs a fold so that you can show/hide days in the feed.

(Because pot transfers are broken, I ended up with a long scroll when I got paid. Still rather that than no info though).

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Well I should’ve been optimistic, it has appeared today showing it’s being paid tomorrow.

That would be awesome. Then you launch the rocket to planet payday.

Where it then gets stuck in the gravitational force of the bills black hole before getting smashed to smithereens

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