Grey payments

There isn’t a box and I believe this is what it’s all about :man_shrugging: You don’t see it just like you wouldn’t if you were paid by faster payments or (God forbid) they removed the feature :grimacing:

No that’s it that’s the entire screen as of now, so yeah it doesn’t mention you can get it early at least

I’ll make sure I feed this back :+1:t3:


I guess just adding a notice saying something like ‘come back tomorrow for the ability to get paid early’ or something would solve a lot of the issues :+1:


No problem, just a tiny tweak would ensure you’re not having to deal with people going via support to find out what’s going on as they can’t claim their payment

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Yup! Even a countdown. Come back in (=now-4pm on payment date) hours mins etc.

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In true playful Monzo style, they could do with a a NASA style rocket launch countdown ending with the button to get paid early!


Just put a pay early calculator on the website.

That will also stop all the “I’m due to be paid on X when can I claim early?” topics that are created.

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FWIW, I too would definitely like to see both credits and debits continue shown as soon as BACS files allow technically

The suggestion above from @robsug of having an explainer box rather than a blank space in advance of the Get Paid Early button seems a good balance to me

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No it wouldn’t

“I get paid on Monday and the calculator says I can get it on Friday. Can I get it on Friday?” topics would appear


How do I like this more than once?


At least we’ve learnt just how popular this feature is despite lots of people on here no seeing any value in it.

Seems like it’s both a blessing and a curse for Monzo :sweat_smile:


Only a curse at moment as it just needs the screen tweaking with better information on, I’m sure once that’s done it will cut down queries, guess it just depends on what the actual tweak / info provided is though

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Sorry we were talking about a pay early calculator not the early greyed out notification. Although you’re right it should help :crossed_fingers:

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Requisition a friend?

No need. I liked it too! :grin:

Just to add my voice here, I love the fact that I can see incoming payments early in Monzo. I see how some people have conflated that with the get paid early function, but I’d be very much against removing early visibility.

If there’s a problem, I’d rather work on the flow and try and decouple pay early from feed visibility, rather than do the easy (and wrong, in my view) thing of just taking away the early sight.


This :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:

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I think it’s similar to the loan value fluctuations etc.

More transparency/info is best, but it needs to be explained.

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I like the fact that it displays upcoming payments early.

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