Greggs.. no preauth

I bought some food from greggs yesterday, contactless wasn’t working so I paid with chip and pin - and they still haven’t send any kind of notification to Monzo… no preauth or anything.

Isn’t this rather brave of them? Not everyone is as honest as me.

Hypothetically what could they do here (assume for example here an empty account with no overdraft) - is it like TFL where they can send you into overdraft anyway? Or would they just be told to GTFO if/when they finally decide to ask for the money.

I’m no expert, but if you received goods and they require payment, they are within their rights to receive payment.

IIRC Tesco had similar issues recently. For some reason their system didn’t request payment for some considerable time after the good were purchased.

Also, FWIW, I flew twice with easyJet recently and used my Monzo card on board the flight on both occasions. The second purchase arrived in my Monzo app as a delayed payment yesterday, but the first one has yet to appear.

Maybe we’ll both be lucky. :four_leaf_clover::crossed_fingers:

No. Only some merchants types get away with that. (TFL, in flight purchases, etc). Greggs is going to be extremely unlikely to be in that batch. In that case the payment would fail.

However, as @Anarchist has pointed out, of course you are responsible to pay. They’d just have to seek other ways of making you pay, such as asking politely, or going to court - the problem here, of course, would be to get your name and address first. (Although I’d imagine they’d rather write it off, than send bailiffs your way for that amount, even if they could ID you.)

I actually had to Google IIRC haha :joy:


You must be older even then me :smirk:

You kids.

Or maybe I’m so super young and hip that I can type if I remember correctly as fast as typing IIRC :wink:

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The real question is where is that Greggs located? takes out magnetic card writer :smiling_imp:

Jokes aside, I’m not sure what else they could’ve done in this situation; if the card terminal is dead and can’t be fixed, it would probably cause them more losses to refuse all card payments rather than loose maybe 1% due to fraud. They’d still have to pay their employees and merchandise (food in this case which is only good for the day and can’t be reused tomorrow) for the entire day, so they might as well try and get as many payments as possible even if it means loosing some due to fraud.

As far as card processing goes, I think if the card is valid they’d still be able to get the funds from any valid debit card that allows offline transactions (like Monzo) and it’ll just take you into your overdraft. Problems arise only if the card was cancelled for fraud or the account had been closed. Cards incapable of offline transactions would’ve been declined by the terminal.


Funnily enough, I started to type it out and thought, ‘Oh, hang on, there’s an abbreviation.’

Would’ve been quicker to type it, I suspect. Doh!

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Impedance Imaging Research Center, Iraqi Islamic Reconciliation Conference, Immunity and Infection Research Centre, Inactive Item Review Code…it could mean anything :wink:


Well, the bad news is that Greggs can present when they want to. My recommendation is that you don’t celebrate your free sausage roll just yet… :grimacing:

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