Greggs contactless down today (Finsbury Park)

Greggs’ contactless is down today at Finsbury Park. My own Monzo and Virgin Money cards, plus the people in front of me (I recognised a Santander card so probably a Visa and another Monzo card).

The odd thing is… Contact was working fine (maybe a bit on the slow side but normal-ish) The message was ‘declined’ but it took a long time to get there and nothing shows in the Monzo app so I guess the authorisation message never got through to Monzo.

What can possibly cause contactless to have an outage (when it normally works) without that same outage affecting contact?

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Dunno, but the wife had the same problem at the dog groomers yesterday. They said it was their machine.

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This was on both of Greggs’ terminals at least at this location. Thus it was probably far more widespread and definitely not a terminal issue.

Even if it was a terminal issue, I’d expect a card read error for a terminal problem. Not for it to get as far as authorising then fail.

I wonder if your dog groomer and Greggs use the same processor? They may be having issues? It still seems so weird that processor issues could affect only contactless.

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I had a similar issue a few weeks ago at a PoundWorld. None of their terminals would let me use Apple Pay, and someone else had contactless declined.

When they inserted their card, it worked. This was during the Verifone outage, so I chalked it up to that.

It should be noted that in most instances, the terminal actually timed out…


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I’ve seen this happen in Greggs before… they said it was every Greggs but this was a few months ago…

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By this do you mean chip-and-pin or is there some other way of paying that I’m about to learn about? :hugs:

Contact doesn’t necessarily involve a PIN (though it does in most cases with UK issued cards being used in the UK, unless you request a signature card for accessibility reasons). Also contactless can be used for ‘chip and PIN’ (by using online PIN instead of offline PIN). Thus it’s better to say contact instead of chip and PIN because chip and PIN could still be contactless but doesn’t encompass all contact transactions.

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