Contactless payment accepted at terminal, but app says it's declined


Earlier I used my card in a shop using contactless. The merchant’s terminal said the payment was accepted with no problems.

However, I’ve just checked the Monzo app a few hours later, which says the payment was declined and I should have used chip and pin.

As this payment went through fine at the merchant’s end, is this just a blip in the Monzo app?

It’s more likely an issue with the terminal I’d have thought. Monzo have the money and if they say they’ve not accepted the payment request then the money probably won’t change hands.

This is purely because I’ve not heard of transaction status changing after the event before but I guess this could be a first time if it happens.

Did you wait for confirmation at the checkout (the Monzo app kerching and successful notification) or did you do what a lot of commuters do and tap and leave straight away when the terminal had accepted the tap? There was a thread a few weeks back with that issue.

I waited at the terminal until it said that payment had been accepted on the terminal’s screen. My Monzo app didn’t send a notification at the time, I only saw the payment had been denied when I manually opened the app an hour or so later.

Kinda sounds like they haven’t configured/updated the terminal properly - it doesn’t know what to do when SCA is required. Very strange that it would accept the non-payment though.

Which shop was it?


Huh. Even stranger.

Just to make sure the notification in the app isn’t saying: ‘Use Chip and PIN for your next transaction’? It has actually declined the Gregg’s transaction?

Free Gregg’s that’s a result :ok_hand:

It says: “Gregg’s. Declined. Please use chip & pin.”

Yeah! I’m just worried that they’ll come after me for the free pasties :sweat_smile:

That means you’ve gone above the contactless limit of £100 across multiple transactions without using chip and PIN inbetween. Using Google Pay or Apple Pay means you won’t have this issue.

It’s part of new banking regulations and you can read more about it here:

Mysterious masked bakers lurking behind your bins, waiting to nab you and get that pound off you?

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The transaction was only £4 and it was the only one I’d made all day.

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I didn’t say daily :wink: Have a read of the article.

It’s £100 TOTAL across all your transactions without using chip and PIN at any point.

Ah ok, that makes sense! I’ve never had to do that since I got my card last year, I wonder if they have been slow to roll it out?

I think it came into effect when that article was written: 11 SEPTEMBER 2019, but I’m not entirely sure.

You can keep track of it under ‘limits and allowances’ in app, or as mentioned if you switch to using Google or Apple pay you’re exempt from the limit :slight_smile:

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