Card payment network down?

Seems card payment network of sorts has gone down again. All ASDA stores impacted, M&S, McDonalds.

Not sure who’s at fault

I just saw declined transactions in Sainsbury’s on both sole and joint :mondo: cards. HSBC Visa debit working fine…


Perhaps Mastercard.

Contactless failed endlessly but eventually second chip and pin worked. Asda receipt says card issuer denied transaction.

It looks like a merchant acquirer was having some issues with contactless payments, but we’re seeing things come back online now!


Thanks for the fast update.

To share an early opinion, in the summary afterwards on the status page it would be nice to see a break from the norm of ‘sorry, this was our fault’ and point some blame at who was actually responsible, if it is not Monzo’s fault. Always makes me a little sad when I’ve seen something wasn’t Monzo’s fault, but as no fingers are pointed people externally assume it was! As nice as it is that Monzo always stand up to be open about problems.

Not sure that is worded in the most readable way… Hope the point comes across.

Edit: Finger pointing is a negative phrase, meaning rather a deeper explanation of the parties involved and their responsibility.


This affected where I work for about an hour today. No cards were accepting. Neither contactless or chip and PIN worked. Bit of a headache. :laughing: It also put the tills in an endless loop of requiring manual card authorization - probably because they run on some ancient Fujitsu POS system.