Greater anglia double charged


I bought a train ticket from a machine at Stansted airport today. The first transaction didn’t go through as the machine froze, so I went through the process again. This time purchasing a ticket just fine with my Mondo card. However on my app it has charged me twice. I asked someone at the ticket machine and they verified the card against the machine and said payment has only been taken once. If he’s telling the truth it seems like a bug on Mondo’s side. Is this something you’ve heard of before?

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Hi Helena :smiley:
This doesn’t look quite right! -15, +15, -15 and -15, that’s -30, not -15 in my eyes! Though I was barely getting by in math classes, so… :sob:

Best way to approach this is to ask Monzo Support via in-app chat. They have more data available on their magical screens and if it is what it looks like, they will be able to take care of this very quickly. :smiley:

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Hi Helena. :wave:

What likely happened is the card machine authorised the amount but froze before doing anything else. In these cases, the authorisation should automatically reverse after around a week when Abellio Greater Anglia doesn’t collect that money. We can speed this process up but it normally requires us to have some kind of proof of decline. :thumbsup:

Feel free to get in touch with us directly about this or any other issues using the in-app chat under the help tab. :smiley:

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Thanks all!

Sadly I have no proof of decline as it was just an error message on screen! Sounds like a logical explanation of what happened though! I’ll wait about a week and be in touch if it’s still looking the same.:smile:

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Don’t want to get anyone in Monzo into trouble for not following protocol but I had a similar transaction reversed no questions asked, no proof of decline presented. :speak_no_evil:

Exact same thing happened to me ordering a Domino’s on my phone app. App froze just as the monzo notification came through. I had to go to local shop where they said there was no order placed for me. I ordered again there and paid again with Monzo. It appears that in both our cases the process failed/froze after authorisation but before actual completion of transaction.

I requested the reversal of transaction, not because 18.98 would break the bank but just so that I would know if and when I could complain to Domino’s when/if I received other notification later on presentment.

In cases like this it’s essential that we have the authority to reverse a transaction before presentment, monzo are not out of pocket for this period of time and it may make a massive difference to some if transaction is of a considerable amount. Once monzo get hit with presentment I understand money may need to be taken and this turns into a different processes of disputing the transaction.

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