DJI Osmo Pocket 📹

So I got one of these a few months back and forgot to post about it! I used it for getting B-Roll in LA while I was making my new documentary earlier this year.

This thing is really impressive. It’s a pocket video camera that’s fully stabilised with a full three-axis gimbal and it can record in 4K up to 60FPS (sadly my computer can’t handle editing at 4K/60, so I’ve been doing 4K at 30FPS).

But it’s a really impressive piece of kit.

With a little bit of colour grading it’s not hard at all to get footage like this. There’s actually not a huge amount of different between this edited video and the raw footage you get from it.

This footage is raw, for example.

Impressive. I can’t think what I would do with it but I’d love one. R-

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