Google's October 9th Event

(Dan Mullen) #21

I have the Pixel 2 XL and it’s a fantastic phone. I won’t be buying the 3 XL due to the ugly notch. If there is indeed an “Ultra” then I’d be tempted but I’m pretty sure I’ll skip a generation and wait for the Pixel 4 next year.



Looks like preorders are dropping straight after the event… who’s going to grab something straight away?

(Marcus Nailor) #23

Almost definitely going to pickup the Pixel 3XL :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Same here.

(👨‍💻) #25

:crossed_fingers: these devices are priced like the leaked information has predicted. I’m convinced that if Google get the price right, there will be a greater pool of people getting the pixel this year. Especially after the poor offering from Apple.

(Patrick) #26

Finally - I can get one that works without being on EE!

(Tony Hoyle) #27

Tempted by the slate but it’s probably out of my immediate budget… OTOH it’s not out until the end of the year so time for that to change.

Already ordered a home hub (need something upstairs to show us who is at the front door when it rings, and fishing about for mobiles has turned out to be a PITA).

Pixel 3 I’m not so bothered with, partly because of the notch and partly because the 2XL is still a great phone so it wouldn’t be enough of an upgrade (and no tradein options in the UK).

(Adam Kendrew) #28

I’m really tempted to order the Home Hub, I think my other half would then be a bit more comfortable with using our smart tech.

I’ve noticed they have already updated the Google Home app for iOS too. The big reason I always preferred HomeKit, was due to it having an interface where you could organise the rooms and see everything at a glance. Definitely a step in the right direction by Google! :clap:


I’ve often wanted some kind of “hub” for my smart things in the house, but always came to the realisation it would never be where I wanted or needed it at any given moment.

Plus… My phone (which is on me at all times), does all of this stuff just as well.

How do you think you’d use a Google Hub?

I’d possibly get more use out of it if I lived on my own, but I just can’t see a time where I’d use something like that living with a family.

(Adam Kendrew) #30

As above, I think having something primarily set up to control all the smart tech in the house, will make it more comfortable for my other half to use. I’m sure most of the time I’d still use my phone, but I feel it would be a bit more accessible to her. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I can see that if it was in every room (I know I know… Google home mini’s to the rescue).

It’s the reason I haven’t bought a HomePod yet… I just don’t think I’d get the full use out of it.

Look forward to seeing the Google Hub in action - At least it’s not expensive.

(Adam Kendrew) #32

Yeah I think the price makes it really attractive.


What a world we live in, where £140 feels like throw away money compared to other things in the market.

“It’s only 15% of an iPhone - Sure, I’ll get one to try it out”.

I miss the days where £140 was literally less than half the cost of a new iPhone, and it was still the kind of money you’d have to seriously consider before purchasing.

God bless that iPhone 2G

(Adam Kendrew) #34

Don’t get me wrong, I still fight with myself over purchases that are £40 let alone £140! :wink:

But you are right though…


So - who ended up preordering? What’d you preorder?

Myself grabbed the 3XL (Just Black) & the Pixel Stand, was an expensive night…

(Simon B) #36

I’ve ordered a Home Hub in Green :grinning:

(Dan Mullen) #37

I’m tempted to order the same but they’re bound to have Black Friday deals on - they did last year!