Google Sheets: How to see current balance

Adding up column H (Amount) I would expect to give me my current balance, but it’s always slightly off. I thought that perhaps there was some lag but all the transactions seem to be there.

Anyone else have this problem?

Paste this in cell Q2


Column H is the amount in the currency you spent it in. Try J.

I think it’s the other way around: J looks to be foreign currency, H Local



That’s really cool but the end result came up as the same amount! It seems to be off by 16.99 so I’ll just subtract that from my result and see how long that works

Its quite possible then that there’s a line missing from your Google Sheet. Have you recently made a transaction for £16.99 that’s missing from your sheet?

Staff mentioned a few weeks back that they were hitting Google’s rate limit when they pushed out a mass update to everyone’s Google Sheets and that ended up causing delays.

I just had a check of mine, and it’s £0.57 off .

I know there were some flags about the balance not syncing in a timely manner recently.

Mine looks to be off from the week either side of the 12th August - transactions coming in out of sync, and lo and behold a transcation for 0.57 is missing.

I think if you disable and re-enable the sheets it should resync.