IFTTT + Google Sheets + Formula HELP

Hi everyone,

I have all my spending added to a google sheets via IFTTT. I’m now trying to create a tracker on that same spreadsheet but I can’t seem to get the formula to work? Is it something to do with the way the data is being input?

Here’s my sheet. I’m trying to use the formula to get the amounts put into the table. I’ll then link that cell with the next sheet so it can be added to the tracker & eventually make it so it adds everything up automatically.

I can’t seem to get the SUMIF formula to work, any ideas?

Had a look at it but someone from Google Support was there so I left them to it. Looked like a solution was imminent though. R-

Haha thanks for looking into it! I’m assuming the solution isn’t as simple as you’d assume?

I’ve sorted it for you. The numbers coming in are text, so you need a column that converts these into numbers. You then use SUMIF to sum those numbers.

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Also, the currency symbol needs to be removed from the front of those figures.

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I’m a recent convert to Sheets and although faIrly adept with Excel and Numbers I do find Sheets a little idiosyncratic. R-

I actually really like sheets over excel! A lot of the help guides online and the training at my work are for excel though which doesn’t always translate over the same!

I like it - and am slowly finding out how to do things I have, until now, done on auto pilot. This is all a pre-cursor to dumping 365 next month. R-