Balance not showing in exported CSV

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I hope this is the right category. When I export my statement, for any date range, I’d expect to see the balance, the same as how I see the balance before export. When exported, balance header is missing in CSV. Am I missing something? If possible, could I also get the account number as header? Not import but balance is.


It’s on the pdf but the csv I would imagine is more for manipulation so which would then make it pointless.

Correct but it would be nice to see the balance after each spend.

I thought the whole point of the CSV export is so you can tinker with a spreadsheet so that when you drop the file, it does whatever you want it to do. Can’t you just do this and have it do that on another sheet, or am I missing the obvious. Been a long time since I exported.

I’m building an expense app. For every line imported/parsed, I want to know what was the remaining balance for that date. Impossible to get that information.

It’s easy to do in Google Sheets, not sure how that fits in with your app.

What you mean and how? Examples, please? Amount spent - current balance?

In W2 put =H2

In W3 put =sum($H$2:H3)

Then drag that down. That will be your rolling balance for your main account. So if you have £100 and move £50 to a pot, it will show £50 in your account. There’s a little more to it if you want to get overall balance.

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Awesome! I shall have a go later after work. Thanks

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