Google Pixel 3 / Pixel 3 XL


I love mine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Marc Dando) #142

Would the Pixel 2 still be a decent purchase in 2019?

(Ravi) #143

For the right price, definitely. But to be fair, the Pixel 3 is already available at very attractive prices.

(Marc Dando) #144

I spent £150 last year on the Moto G6 Play. So I can’t help but be repelled by the idea of spending around £700 on the Pixel 3 :sweat_smile:

(Ravi) #145

You and me both. But you can get a Pixel 3 for far less than £700.

(Marc Dando) #146

You can? I’m intrigued :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jordan Taylor) #147

I’m holding off for the 4.
I’m not a fan of the notch and my 2XL is still going strong.

(David Walton) #148

^ this, me too

(Brandon Billingham) #149

I got one for £380, refurb. Perfect condition

(Richard Bairwell) #150

I’ve just spent £559 via Giffgaff purchasing a brand new Pixel 3 (64Gb) in just-black as my Nexus 6 took a tumble of less than 3 foot out my pocket at the weekend and decided it was time I had a broken screen.
So far,

  • Pixel 3 is a bit smaller than the Nexus 6 so it’s not so much of a hand/pocket hog
  • Finger print scanner is fast (didn’t realise how much I missed it from the Galaxy S3)
  • Boot up time is a lot faster (it can complete a full reboot before my Nexus has even shut down)
  • Camera is a lot faster compared to the Nexus


  • USB3 C connectors: instead of micro-USB, so I’ve had to buy a whole bunch of cables/chargers (as it also needs a bit more power than the generic USB plugs I had). It does come with a single charger+cable, but I like having it chargable anywhere I spend a lot of time. Also meant it was enough to tip me to spend £69 on the ‘Pixel Stand’
  • The aspect ratio is ‘odd’. 18.5:9 instead of the ‘standard widescreen’ of 16:9 so YouTube videos either have borders at the sides (in landscape) or you zoom in and lose a bit at the top/bottom.

Why not the Pixel XL? I don’t like the notch and I disliked the idea of an under-display fingerprint scanner.

(Tom ) #151

I had a Pixel 1st gen and loved it to pieces until it got stuck in a boot loop. I swapped back to IOS but the pixel launcher version of Android is sorely missed. IMO the best mobile OS variant

(Ravi) #152

The XL scanner is on the back, same as the regular 3.

(Richard Bairwell) #153

So it seems (think I might have been getting confused with the OnePlus 6 which was the only other contender)… Ach well, I’ve got a normal Pixel3 now at it’s 64Gb storage is more than I need (using 22.42Gb: my Nexus is using 19.87Gb of it’s 29.12Gb even though they’ve got the same apps on both).


I found these really useful when I switched from Nexus to Pixel:

(Simon B) #155

Have you noticed a hit on battery life recently? I haven’t done much investigating, so it could be a rogue app, but capacity is definitely less than when I bought it… Somewhat to be expected since I’ve had it for almost 18 months now but still… slightly annoying.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #156

I’ve noticed that with the 3XL for the past month… Maybe I can blame the February patch, I’m on March’s now so I’ll see how well my battery does this month :eyes:

(Simon B) #157

Good shout. I’m still on the Feb patch on my 2XL. Will check for the March update.

(Jordan Taylor) #158

Battery life has been pretty good. I haven’t noticed any significant degradation yet.
Best thing I did was remove Facebook and Messenger months ago which has made a big difference.

I’m not happy that the original cable that came with the charger is starting to kink easily.

(Chris C) #159

Recently purchased a Pixel 3 XL as a work phone for my business. My first android phone and I have always been on iOS.

So far I am loving it. I find the screen much brighter and clearer than my iPhone XS Max. Battery life is great. Camera is amazing. Fingerprint sensor is good but not as fast as Face ID.

Loved how I could add my Monzo card to google pay by just tapping it against the phone!

(Jordan Taylor) #160

Still getting around 23-24 hours as Google advertised.
Two small spurts of power from the car as I use Android Auto with each journey being 10 mins long (short commute!). Moderate usage with lots of Chrome, hour of YouTube and the odd game.

Phone bought at release albeit was a replacement one as first had a dead pixel (no pun intended) but was still November 2017.