Android 11 Beta

:android: 11 Beta

Now installed & working fine so far on the Pixel 2XL. Monzo app OK, as is NFC & Google Pay.

I held off with the 11 Developer Preview’s as I had issues with those last year during the Android 10 development. But this beta seems solid :+1:


Doesn’t work for me :sob:

That’s not good. I just tried it again at a different shop than when I tried it this morning and it worked OK again (Google Pay/NFC)

Running it on my Pixel 4 XL. Loving the new “Conversation” notifications - we’re looking into adapting to them at Sphere :slight_smile:

My audio quality has drastically decreased though. Playing back any media sounds horribly tinny - it might be a codec issue.

Google Pay not working for me either.

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Hmm if google pay is dodgy I’ll wait… normally I jump on the betas quite early.

For reference, my GPay app version is 2.111.306893647

All installed and so far so good and feels very snappy!

Google Pay not working for me either (on latest version), seemed to fine after the initial install yesterday and then work up to the above message.

Google Pay works for me :man_shrugging: P2XL. The permanent suggest apps on the home launcher is cool. But a bit buggy as I can’t seem to disable it now. It just leaves an empty space.

I like the ability to control my lights and stuff when you hold the power button though!

Edit: Google Pay no longer works lol

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Beta 1.5 out and Google Pay now works on both B1 and B1.5


I wish I had a Pixel - I got a S20 Ultra that’ll never see a beta release.

Strange how Gpay worked for me since the Beta 1 dropped.

I did experience the constant launcher crashing though (“System UI is unresponsive”, followed by either a launcher relaunch or a complete reboot) - tracked this down to the app ‘Light Manager’. Disabled it and still had crashes. Uninstalled completely and the 2XL has been totally solid since. Obvs some clash with the new way notifications are handled.

No more Coral LED when there’s Monzo action for now :frowning:

Android 11 Beta 2 just landed :eyes:

It’s a little disappointing only Google Pixel phones get them, if they do 5G this year I may grab the Pixel 5

Beta2 seems very quick so far (Pixel 2XL) - everything seems really snappy.

Interesting… not had any issues with the current beta so it’ll be interesting to see what’s changed. :eyes:

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I saw that on the GooglePixel subreddit - will have to watch the announcement - I’ll be watching the Samsung unpacked event too

I just wish they’d announce something official.

Based on some strings in an app we’ve now got some sites writing articles laying out google’s future phone releases in great detail, which of course is pure speculation but it doesn’t stop people believing it… so they get annoyed when what is released is nothing like what was speculated.

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