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When I pay using Google pay for a movie on Google movies the transaction in Google pay knows that it was Google movies and what the movie was. The transaction in Monzo on the other hand just says google, nothing about it being from Google movies or what the movie is.

Ia it possible to get this extra info from Google pay transactions so it’s easier to understand what is what in Monzo?



I would imagine this is down to how the transaction is posted to the account - there will be a Database that hold that and paired with a company… for example, translating what a legacy bank might see as “AMZ*JDB345” to “Amazon”

I’ve just checked one of my own purchases and there’s nothing obvious indicating it’s for a movie


I guess Google are using an internal lookup for Google Pay.


Hopefully, in the future, Monzo will be able to link with your email and scrap this extra information from order confirmations. Although, for Google Play store transactions the order confirmations usually arrive 24 hours later which would post an interesting problem🤔

Unfortunately not. We only receive the normal transaction data and as far as I’m aware, there’s no API available to get this data out of your Google account.

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Shame they don’t provide more info, would make it much easier to understand what the transactions are.

You can always add it to the notes once you’ve bought whatever if it’s that important :stuck_out_tongue:

Which I do, but if you are using Google pay for a lot of transactions it means you have to add notes each time. Hardly a massive issue in the grand scheme of things but anything that saves time every month is a winner.

Oh yea definitely, I’m not disagreeing with the concept of what you’re saying… but the problem is that it would be a niche; like Flux or Tails merchants…

I think this might only be the case for the Google Play store. I’ve found using Google Pay produces the same transaction detail as using my Monzo debit card.

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Strangely I have transactions from the Play store as Google Play Store in my app. The transaction details show: Google* Play :thinking: I used Google Pay for those.

Although that was for an audiobook from Google books I believe. Maybe the transaction details for movies is unfortunately provides more general transaction data