Google pay is not working 27/12/2020

My Google is not working and have tried adding my card via the monzo app and manually adding the card however this message still shows :sob: ive dm the monzo however they can’t help , any ideas … any please…??

Try force stopping the Google pay app, and then clearing all the data and restarting the phone.

Contact monzo in the app , search for contact us in the help section and get them to escalate it as it looks like a monzo issue.

Clear the data and cache from the Google Pay app.

Double check your card isn’t frozen. If it’s not frozen, freeze it, wait 10 seconds, unfreeze it.

Restart your phone.

Then try adding the card, manually, through the Google Pay app.

I had a problem similar to this when I froze and unfroze the card rapidly in the past - it prevented me from readding the card to Google Pay. Freezing the card, and unfreezing it with a slight delay in-between seemed to fix it. 🤷

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