Google I/O 2022

Unlimited virtual card numbers… just what I wanted out of Monzo :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything looks good but the devil’s in the detail. It’s OK to say the 6a has the same platform but what does that actually mean in practice… what is missing? No way they’re selling essentially the same phone for 200 quid cheaper.

Watch looks like an instant buy for me provided the price isn’t insane… but will have to wait until the hardware event in september/october I guess.

199 for earbuds… lol. Could get a decent set of headphones for that…

Not sure where they’re going with the tablet. There are loads of 10" tablets… some quite decent ones. It doesn’t need a pixel version. Now if they came up with a 7" as a successor to the nexus 7…

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Also… rebranding google pay back to google wallet again… sigh.

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6a is missing wireless charging , ip67 and a worse main camera.

It’s also smaller which is a plus for me, wireless charging I could get over, ip67 instead of 68 is a shame and not too sure about it, the camera is a big loss for me, but I think it’s a really solid work device.

Pixel Tablet is certainly going to be something I look into. My Chromebook updates expire around the time the tablet comes out. Will have to wait and see what it’s specs are and reviews when it arrives, it’ll either be get that or get another Chromebook.

Pixel Watch I probably will get one.

If it’s a decent cost I may go for it, for the other half as he loves his tablet for games and other bits.

Gotta say, from a die-hard G-fan with decades of experience of rollercoaster products and services, this I/O (for me) instilled a feeling of maturing hardware products, development and solid design. But then realistically…

Px6a? Probably not for me
PxBudsPro? Probably not for me (only because my trusty Sony XM3’s and PxBudsA-Series deliver wot I need)
PxWatch? Probably for me, understated excitement with this as other watch options seem… a bit crap
PxTablet? Probably for me/family, but not now. Coz we can’t havvit now - :soon:
Px7 - bring it baby! :baby:

Biggest thing - just bring back Inbox ffs, Gmail is so 2005