Google IO 2018 / Android P

Still a few months away, but it’s rapidly getting closer and the news stories about what Android “P” will bring to the table are starting to surface, and ticket applications open in a couple of days.

What are you all hoping to see?

I’m expecting Google to double down on hardware partners for Google Assistant. It’s far and away the best virtual assistant out there, correctly responding to many more queries than any other smart assistant. Yet, due to being first to market, Amazon still have more market share for standalone devices. We’ve already seen that Google’s strategy to compete with the Echo Show has been to develop a new visual version of Assistant for user in OEM devices, like the Lenovo device shown off at CES.

I expect there will be some announcements about new hardware partners in this regard as well as bunch of new functionality for Assistant and Google Home devices.

I’d like to see meaningful updates to Android Wear and Android TV. And any teases of Android P will be welcomed!


I’m wondering if the rumours of a fresh new design will come true.

I’m pretty much completely dug into the Apple ecosystem, but I like flirting with Android now and then on the side.

I think it’s a possibility. I’m waiting for the next revolution from Matias Duarte, who for my money is one of the best designers in the tech world. I’ve been a fan of his since his early days at Danger Inc.

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I personally hope there is a fresh new look but I cannot see much of a change functionality wise, at least on top. I have been hearing changes to a lot of APIs, which I’m guessing is to help hardware partners.

Keeping my eyes peeled for the Alpha/Beta they have been releasing around March time and then the rumours that follow, always good to play around with new software and try and break it :slight_smile:

Increasing the layering in android (that they’ve already started to do with O) so that Google can update more without waiting for the OEMs. With O any (compliant) device can run stock android… the other end of that is isolating the OEM skins so that any device can be kept up to date without reverting to stock.

ARCore becoming stable and shipping with P devices (although it"s likely that’ll be independently rolled out to N and O also) - some hardware specs for enhanced support… a Nexus/Pixel with dual cameras for improved depth perception for example.

I’d love to see a refreshed Google Play Music app :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: both visually and with some spruced up AI working in the background to bring me better / more appropriate tunes :notes:

And perhaps bringing YouTube Music / background playback back to the UK!!

And of course, I can’t wait to drop the Dev Preview builds of Android P(eppermint) on my Pixel 2 XL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The rumor is that they are combining GPM and YouTube Red/Music into something brand new… That would be great!

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They’ve got to solve the rollout problem I feel. 1% or so have O and here they are rolling out P in a few months. I get they’re decoupling a lot of it now into Google Services so this can be updated without the handset makers but the truth stands most 18 month old phones won’t see these updates which is sad.

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