Good evening

(Richey) #1

Hi. I’m Richey - from North Kent. I haven’t got my card yet, so I’m still in the sceptical phase of wondering where my £100 has gone to… but I can wait a couple more days.

I’m unsure as to why there’s so much apparent excitement over this - it’s a card, and an account and an app. Nothing new. Maybe once I receive it and start using it, there’ll be a revelatory experience somewhere down the line.

When my card comes, I’ll be mainly spending it on… er … dunno. I might get some new clothes.

Over and out.


Yeah, wait for it to come. You’ll be happy you signed up.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #3

if you haven’t received it in couple of days after sending your £100 though - email and ask where it is and they will sort it out for you


When you get the card you will see that :monzo: is not like any other bank - give it a few days and you’ll be getting everyone you know to sign up!!

Oh and, welcome aboard! :grinning:


At present I’d say you need to look at the feature set and see which things make your life easier. For me I want to be more aware of what I am spending on and perhaps set some budgets. Using a pre-paid card for this works well as I’ve set myself a budget of £400 a month for non-essential spending (food, bills etc still come out of our joint account) and I can easily see, in real time where I am at. I can also see where the money is going and areas where I could be more savvy, for example realising I’m spending £20 a week in coffee outlet…

(Richey) #6

Until two months ago,I was actually ashamed of how much money I was spending on takeaway coffee and the associated pastries / cakes etc. Realising that I have no fiscal discipline whatsoever, my lateral thinking brain decided that going vegan would address the problem.

So far, so good.

(Patrick Forsyth) #7

well, I wouldn’t have gone that root :joy:

I have really got my spending under control now thanks to :monzo:

Vegan is a huge lifestyle change though! feel better for it?

(Richey) #8

Absolutely. Feel less bloated, lost a bit of weight, and got the parkrun time down a bit. And I don’t spend a lot on groceries…

(Casey Rain) #9

Been vegan for 7 years myself… I still spend too much on coffee, I just have soy milk now…