Another hello from Hampshire

I just received my card yesterday and looking forward to participating in the discussion and feedback here.

I’m especially interested in the dynamic development of the new service, the openness, and some more joined up thinking on how we all work with our money - and avoid some of those gaps the existing outfits make us put up with.

I’ll admit it’s a tentative step, and I do use another card for it’s 1% cashback and better protection scheme (as a credit card), and/or apple pay for smaller payments, but I’m aiming to experiment with the mondo card too especially for lower value payments as I’d like to be engaged in making the service better.

I’m an IT architect by profession so very technical but like to consider the bigger picture :slight_smile:

Welcome @planetf1, it’s great to have you! Looking forward to your contribution :slight_smile:

If you haven’t already, a good place to start reading about hat we’re all about and what we’re planning to do is our blog at

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