Crash Bandicoot fans?

Used to play this game a long time ago on ps1 and ps2
Just seen the “n sane trilogy” remastered for the. Xbox one and got it off argos for £30

What are your thoughts on this release?
I played the newer versions I think it was called wrath of cortex and crash of titans in 2017 but it got too difficult and gave up

I’m not into the racing style ones. Just the adventure

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My favourite thing was when I was playing the latest Uncharted game on PS4 and there’s a scene where the characters play a game on the PlayStation in the story - so you end up playing Crash Bandicoot inside Uncharted. It was the level everyone remembers.


I’m so rubbish at it now, have it for the Switch


Played it back in the day on the PS1 got the N Sane Trilogy on the PS4 and it’s really hard now haha so I’m not that great at it still good fun though.

Loved that part it’s so cool as well :slight_smile: even better when you pass the level.

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It’s great on the PS4 :video_game: would recommend! :+1:t3:

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A lot harder than if used to be but lots of fun. I forgot how many hidden bits there were!

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The new crash seems a lot harder then the old crash. It’s still fun and great to see they finish remade it.

I still find it frustrating but rewarding at the same.


Yep got the n sane trilogy this morning it’s excellent, can spend hours on certain levels but still very fun

Hours can be wasted

Ahh Crash, I still remember when it was supposed to be the Sonic/Mario of Playstation.

I love the Mario and sonic games as well.

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The ripper roo boss is way too difficult same as stormy ascent