Golden tickets

(Adam Hockley) #105

If need a ticket inbox me


What are they going for?!

(Johnny Ellwood) #107

People are selling them for a couple of quid. Average of about £3 from what I’ve seen.


Interesting that people are prepared to pay to skip the queue rather than research the free ways to do it.

I’ve given a few away now, no payment needed!

(Adam Hockley) #109

Here’s a golden ticket to skip the queue for Monzo!


I’ve asked if we could have a thread where we give golden tickets to people, then members can post their tickets up here. As we generally have one ticket at a time, having a few people post will ensure a good flow!

(Bob) #111

How soon do you receive another golden ticket after your first is sent out and card activated? A friend activated his card this morning after using my golden ticket, and I have another friend lined up to active next week :slight_smile:


Mine have been pretty quick but not knowing exactly when the new joiner has activated means I don’t know how quick! I’d guess within a few hours…


I’ve always received one as soon as the previous one is used.

(Bob) #114

All sorted… I contacted CS and Beth sent one out pretty quickly, but she wanted a joke first.

Problem is that I know quite a few banker jokes, but bankers don’t find them funny and real people don’t think I’m joking :joy:


So what joke did you deliver?

(Bob) #116

I sent a riddle instead… What has a head and a tail, no legs and coloured brown?


That’s relevant! Good work.


Been thinking… if Monzo are prepared to give affiliate kickbacks to MSE for referring customers, shouldn’t they do the same for us?

“Your golden ticket has been used, here’s £1”


(Alex Sherwood) #119

You’re an investor so you’d be paying for that :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ashley Sutherland ) #120

Hi Mike, I’ve signed up and am on a 14k waiting list can I use this ticket please?


(Ashley Sutherland ) #121

Yes please!

(Johnny Ellwood) #123

There is a thread now for asking and using the Golden Tickets, feel free to request on there and one of us will hook you up.

(Adam Hockley) #125

Pretty instant or with in mins

(Shahrukh Khan) #126

When it comes to golden tickets, I think a counter at the top of each golden ticket showing the total that have been used will help in terms of seeing how many users signed up using the golden ticket that the user has given out, based off that you can do a points system such as two ticket sign ups a week can lead to 5 points leading to free stickers or any other incentive / reward.

Just a thought :slight_smile: