Golden tickets

(joancardona_17) #21

All I can see in my feed from Monzo is “Your balance is low” :neutral_face: :joy:

(Rika Raybould) #22

Same. But you can top up instantly right now! :joy:

(joancardona_17) #23

I can’t, I reached my limit!

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #24

wow - kudos to your spending habits :slight_smile:

£3,750 daily top up limit
£5,000 top up over 30 days
£60,000 annual top up


Damn! That’s impressive.

(Mike) #26

It’s actually really easy to bypass the waiting system on Monzo, I won’t share in this public forum but know that it’s extremely simple.

(Thomas Welton) #27

Define easy. You can bump yourself up the waiting list using fake email addresses or aliases, but this still requires effort on your part.
The concept of the “golden ticket” is still pretty cool in regards to the app on-boarding experience and makes the new user fell like a VIP.

(Hugo Cornejo) #28

Well, every system can be workarounded if you work hard enough. On the other hand, if you’re willing to do all that stuff you probably deserve a Monzo card anyway :wink:

This is made for the 99% of regular people that don’t try to game the queue :slight_smile:

(Mike) #29

Well yeah, fake email addresses, it’s as simple as that. Went from bottom of the queue to Monzo card in the same day. It’s not much of a queue if you can bypass it so easily, with such little effort.


Not everyone is willing to bother with that route. Most will happily queue.

(Mike) #31

I agree Chris, but it does bring down the value of a Golden Ticket as it isn’t the only way to skip the waiting list, and if you don’t have a Golden Ticket, typing some fake email addresses for a few minutes isn’t really much effort.

(Alex Sherwood) #32

Bites tongue :speak_no_evil: :grimacing:

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #33

not so sure it does bring down the value of Golden tickets , what you have done is not the same as a person talking to a friend / colleague and showing how good the app is and being able to bump them up to the top of a queue, which, by the way is now possibly 2 times longer than it actually is because of your methods . You have registered false emails and got a card quicker , because you wanted a card and could see a quick way to get one with your method - which is entirely your choice :wink: , however it might now put other potential users off because of the inflated size of the queue - which incidentally isn’t great for growing Monzo, or its customer base , because you, and maybe others are creating false impressions of potential customers and waiting times for a card which will put potential signer uppers off .
Talking to a friend or colleague about a great new bank and convincing them to apply for one, and then having the Kudos to get them to the front of a queue with a golden ticket is an entirely different way of getting the app.

edit - PS Im not trying to tell you off either, you chose to get your Monzo card this way because you presumably saw the value of the app and wanted it quickly - I think the idea of a golden ticket is to encourage friends, family, and colleagues to join Monzo - you had already decided to join Monzo by your method

(Tristan Thomas) #34

I think you’ll find it’s also a bit more difficult to game now anyway as a result of some changes we’ve made :slight_smile: (not for this reason specifically though)

(Adam Hockley) #35

when is the Golden ticket system being released

(Alex Sherwood) #36

All Tristan & Hugo have said is it’s coming :soon: :slight_smile:

It is next up on the roadmap too though. It wouldn’t be as exciting to find a golden ticket if you knew when it was coming would it? :wink:

(Robin Guilleret) #37

Great idea . Me please

(Nicola) #38

Just received my golden ticket :sunglasses: is there a limited time to use it?

(Ben Green) #39

No rush, they never expire according to @jamesallison :grinning:

(Bruce) #40

Wooooooo waking up like I’m 3 and it’s Christmas again (clearly I had an advanced childhood)