Golden tickets selling well on eBay


25 sold @ £1.25 a pop here…

Or at £1.20 here…

Gotta love a bit of entrepreneurial spirit :wink:

And no… they are not my auctions.

Testing out cash referrals 💵
The Monzo Current Account Preview
(Leonard) #2

I wonder if the team at :monzo: are ok with this…?:thinking::thinking::thinking:

(Rika Raybould) #3

Not really, golden tickets are for your friends, family, and random people you meet who are interested in the hot coral. :disappointed:

Takes a bit too much effort to go and stop it while all hands are on current accounts though.

Of course, if anyone wants a completely free golden ticket. :eyes:

(Herp Derp) #4

I’ll do it for 10p just to kill their sales


I’m gonna start selling Starling tickets - I’m sure this will make me very rich. :joy:

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