Golden Ticket Rewards 💰

In the last month I’ve helped introduce 3 family members and a friend to Monzo via the use of golden tickets. I think “introduce a friend and get £10 each” should have at least been implemented as a reward for my recruiting drive :+1:t2:

Anyone agree we should be rewarded for our efforts?

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No, Monzo don’t need to pay people to have others join etc.

It’s a waste of money.


Where would they get the money to pay for that since accounts are still loss making?

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But people pay their hard earned cash into Monzo and don’t get an interest rate? This isn’t all about Monzo.

But people also pay there money in to say Metrobank and don’t get any interest.

Monzo have over 600k users all loss making at the moment all without ‘bribes’, they are also a business.

Would you throw additional money on a loss maker?

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“People pay their hard earned cash into Monzo”? How do you imagine Monzo is going to make money if they give out more money than people will presumably lose out through interest though :thinking: not every bank account gives interest and at the moment some people still use the card like a prepaid one. I don’t think they need or can afford to give out such rewards


I’m looking at it from my perspective as Monzo is not my business. I’ve chosen Monzo over banks that do give an interest rate and I’ve advertised for Monzo and brought 4 others in. I just feel that should get recognition. If not a monetary reward then something else.

lol I think your reward is that your friends and family get more insight and control of their financial lives with the features that Monzo and the likes of Monzo have , and you have enabled them to achieve that by recommending Monzo - whether they choose to make use of that facility is up to them :slight_smile: if they do they will be financially more astute forever


I tell people about products I like and use all the time but I don’t expect recognition. I expect that it’s a product they’ll like.
If you introduce rewards it’ll just lead to people signing up and not using the account so the referer can get something.
Account growth is hardly stagnant so there doesn’t seem any need


Maybe you could cost your proposal, and let us know the cost per user? Because until you’re able to do that, it’s just “I think Monzo should give me free money”

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Let’s not get our wires crossed. I like Monzo and I like it’s services and I generally like the way people react to questions on this chat. But I also think it’s important to ask the question of reward. It leaves food for thought for others and that’s how we make change. The question is out there now and I’m delighted. Have a good day everyone. Ciao.

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I don’t understand… do you want a medal or something? I’ve recommended more people (and I’m sure others have as well) because I genuinely like the features and I think it is useful to other people as well. I don’t recommend something just so I can get monetary rewards.

If you just want a tracker/ counter I think the staff have mentioned they did consider doing an “influence” tracker before but idk if it will actually be made.


I sense anger. Wow.

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Noooooooo …no anger , just replies to your initial post :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I read that as confused/ bewildered humour


Maybe someone will now as the cat is out of the bag which would prove the question worthwhile.

I’ll take it as i see it it was directed to me. Thanks for getting involved :joy:

You talked about recruiting drive, so I mentioned medals as a sort of gamification system instead of a monetary reward (which is impossible right now), since it’s a question that has been asked before- people want to know how many people they have invited. There are a couple of threads floating about with the same question. Maybe I should have softened it with a couple of emojis? :sweat_smile:


Yes you should have.
It’s no suprise to me that others have asked the question.

Have a good day.

Not you, the medal remark.