Give the gift of Monzo this Christmas 🎁

We’ll give a tenner to every friend you invite in December!


Every friend we invite, or every friend who activates an account? If the first I’ll definitely use it :yum:

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It’s the latter :wink:

Friends need to sign up, activate their account and place at least one purchase in order to qualify :grin:

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I love this idea and have already invited a few people but it would be great if we also got some kind of bonus.

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Not sure if I was meant to but I got £10 after referring someone yesterday

Would be cool if the £10 benefit was split in half between the new user and us referring them!

That’s what the last promotion with golden tickets was for some users

@rzd it seems like it’s £10 each seen as that’s what happened when I referred someone yesterday. Unless that was a glitch and shouldn’t have happened?

Hey this was caused by a historic bug from a couple of months ago which has since been fixed. Your friend will receive £10 after they first spend on their card. You can keep your £10 as well :+1:

Again promoting Monzo should give us an incentive too, 50/50


Again, they tested that a month or two ago and this is testing something else.

Try lots of th8ngs and see what works.

I invited someone to monzo expecting that I would also get £10, is this not the case? Giving away money would be quite a bug, surely just a different experiment.