Gift Monzo?

Is it possible to top up and give cards as a gift? I’m thinking Xmas surprise present.


If anyone knows the way to do this which also bypasses the £100 top-up please don’t post it because -

I’ll wait to hear Monzo’s thoughts on this, as maybe it is possible - without the way that I’m thinking of - but I think KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements might get in the way of you signing up on their behalf.

I don’t want to bypass the £100 top up - that was intended as the gift.


We’ve talked about this, and I’d love to do it.

I’m not sure we’d be able to get everything lined up by December, sadly.


So the way I read into this is you want to load up a card with £100 and give as a gift to someone? I don’t see why this would be an issue, but not sure how you would acheive this other than setting up a dummy email account and waiting for the queue to go down or using a golden ticket.

what a great idea , for birthdays as well

wonder whats logistically stopping an existing monzo user buying a "golden ticket " , monzo sends the card to the purchaser with the 100 quid registered to that card and they then give the card gift on xmas day , and the receiver registers the card on their device ?

ID checks ? - presumably can be done when registering the card for the end user ?
some other regulatory problem / regulation


On Christmas morning:

“That’s the one you wanted, right son? a Lloyds Bank current account?”


come on Monzo whats to stop you offering existing users the ability to deposit £100 or £50 for a new card sent to the existing user and then assigned to a new user in app as a Christmas gift - 70,000 users searching for Christmas presents for their nearest and dearest ?

You control the numbers by offering it to as many as your systems can cope with in time for Xmas , 1. would you like to give a Monzo card gift to … 2. does your present receiver have a phone, email address etc preliminary questions sent to existing users would give an idea of uptake

There are loads of amazing ideas out there, but it always comes back to prioritisation of limited resources, I’m afraid.

We could spend time building this, or we could get full current accounts launched earlier. Right now, we’ve taken the decision to focus on getting the bank live.


Good call! I have a lot of time for this.


with only blah blah sleeps before christmas , and the new current accounts undergoing testing at the moment with faster roll out coming - would this be an opportune time to be thinking about new loaded current accounts as presents for 14/15/16/17/18 year olds from parents as a going to Uni / travelling / welcome to the world of banking / learn about controlling your money Christmas / whatever your celebration is… gift


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How would you gift a current account? They would have to provide ID and record a 5-second clip to register for a current account so would know about the gift before hand. That said, supporting them opening a current account and sending them money shouldn’t be too hard. Although not sure if Monzo has age requirements right now.

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how about a golden current account ticket with money loaded onto a new Monzo account from existing verified Monzo customer , Monzo card delivered to existing customer , put in a nice Christmas card / Birthday card etc etc card , with a printed golden current account ticket login code + card - given to new customer - enters golden ticket code - new customer provides video and Passport verification, linked to Monzo card number in the gift card - bingo, bango current account with your gift loaded on it - and new customer verified :slight_smile:

similar to this - Gift Monzo?

with getting on for maybe 350,000 Monzo users now surely there must be maybe 10% that have older children and 10% of them that would like to gift a current account ??? - 3500 + + new users converted ? - Girlfriends, boyfriends , nephews, nieces

Monzo prepaid has age restrictions on it agreed with wire card , after they migrate to their own current accounts Monzo can decide their rules :slight_smile:

Personally I steer clear of buying a girlfriend anything for birthdays or Christmas that I think would be practical unless I knew it was something that she actually wanted and I had it confirmed by her best friend… life is so much simpler when you have an understanding :scream: