General Monzo thread for small news, discussions and vents

I thought I’d make this thread for posts about Monzo that don’t really need their own thread and don’t fit in anywhere else.

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Received an email with an upped referral reward. £10 each.

For every friend you refer to Monzo until 15th January 2023, we’ll give you £20 to share.

Whether it’s coffee and cake or a little January pick-me-up, we’ve got you covered.

They’ll need to sign up and use their card in 30 days.

After all, sharing is caring :hugs:

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I’d argue most things can just go in their own thread :man_shrugging: It’s a Monzo forum after all, that or in the Monzo in the Media one?

New threads make most sense though, imo, as they promote more conversation about the specific thing, and stop duplicates appearing… eg:

Fair enough, either it will get used or just die off.

I’m not sure how new this is, but I just noticed on android ( android 13, latest app beta) that we can unlock the app with a pin instead of fingerprint, so we can finally unlock with gloves or wet hands.

It’s the phone unlock pin, not the Monzo card pin.


Wasn’t there yesterday for me, is today :raised_hands:

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