December Referral Code

Does anyone know if the referral codes we have (where the new user gets £10) will change or expire after December? I understand the offer will probably expire but i’m hoping the link will still work.


If the offer expires people can still sign up but they don’t get the money.

Happened to me with the £5 offer.

Happy with that, just want a referral code that doesn’t expire.

Anyone can sign up, so unsure of what the code will do after December? Not like it’s there to skip a queue. Am I missing something?

Just to build up my referrals in my account. I’m up to 26. Got a mini competition with my friends :joy:

Where do you see your referral count?

They used to be where the golden tickets were, but they aren’t there at the moment.

I did find this that explains why they aren’t there though.

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