Gift Monzo Plus 🎁

An idea to help drive revenue, an option to gift Monzo Plus to someone for 3, 6, 12 months.

Honestly, it’s a pretty :poop: gift (I can think of other gifts I would prefer), but it’s nice to have the option there… right?

and did I mention it may help drive revenue?

The unchangeable date, payment that can’t come out of pots, is annoying.
I really want to gift myself honestly - but did I mention it may help drive revenue?:moneybag:

I do this with Netflix & Spotify

I can just see the look on my partner’s face after she finds out what I’ve got her for Christmas :joy:


Without the card, I don’t think this is a bad idea.

Not sure it works with the card being included.

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How come?

But you think it’s work the effort desire this because…?

I don’t see the value of Monzo Plus for me, but if someone were to pay for it for me I wouldn’t say no. :grin: But I see the point - there are many things that could be described as a :poop: gift but worth buying for someone.

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Because of cancelling the card, reissuing a new card.

Monzo also don’t want a friction point. If you gift it to me, and I like it, I have to do something to renew it, that’s going to cause cancellations. And then there’s people that forget it expires and get new cards they don’t want because they wanted to keep Plus.

It gets very messy.

True, agree with you on that one. But theoretically, isn’t that the case with monthly payments anyway :woman_shrugging: can cancel cards reissue cards as many times as I want - for the price of £5 a month.

Again, I agree, but I’m sure a notification in the timeline to say your gift is going to expire, would be pretty cool. But equally, isn’t it the same with cancelling Monzo Plus now, still can forget it roll to the next month - negligence from the user can make things very messy. Un-Monzo like but just stirring the pot :stew:

Plus is good, but I don’t think it will make a good gift.

You have to put time and effort into using it and if you don’t continue to pay out of your own pocket you’ve lost it all :-1:

Similar to being gifted a puppy. It sounds great and who doesn’t love em’ but after the “gift” you have to pay to look after it.

So if you really wanted Plus (or a puppy), you’d be better buying it when ready instead of having it “forced” onto you via a “gift”.

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@Ordog good example :joy:

I think the opinions towards if Monzo Plus being a good gift is down to the relationship between giver and receiver and not the potential revenue driving functionality of gifting a monzo product.

Buttt i still get what you and others are saying.


I like this idea but agree the card-factor may be an issue.

You’re also ‘gifting’ them any resultant interest they’d receive… Doubly generous!

Betting companies set bonuses is a way that almost guaranties you will have spent the same amount (or more) with them before getting the bonus returned. That is why they are able offer the bonuses.

… also sorry for being off topic :sweat_smile:

Very dodgy - gifting someone something that would have a recurring sub if they forgot to cancel it. Get them a box of chocolates instead.