Gifting Monzo Plus & Premium

Hi Monzo users,

I made a concept of a new feature that will allow gift Monzo Plus & Premium. What do you think about this idea? Your feedback is very valuable to me.

Have a good day!

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Personally I’d find that a bit off, it’s a bank account not a subscription to Netflix at the end of the day.

Others might find it useful, but I think the use case would be super low.


What happens at the end?

Does the person you gifted it to suddenly lose all of their benefits, custom categories etc, or do they get billed automatically? Will it be another annual subscription or will they revert to monthly like normal?

How will all of this (and more) be explained to someone who suddenly receives an account upgrade? Can they reject the gift?

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Thank you for your feedback. I found a survey on this topic, unfortunately people really don’t want to get a gift subscription to the bank. Maybe in the future it will change

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Thanks for the meaningful questions. Great design critique. Thanks for the feedback