Getting sick of back to back payments being declined

So I go to Aldi or Asda. I buy a load of shopping and it goes through with tap to pay. Buy the second load and it is declined. Not every time but often enough to get really irritating. Why?

Is it declined because you have reached your contactless limit? If so, it just means you need to enter your PIN, either at the terminal or on your phone. This should be shown in the app if so.


What reason does it give you in app for the decline? Click into the decline notification in your feed and it will tell you.

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It does not say but I was in credit… I suspect it’s a security thing but given they can tell I often do back to back payments in certain supermarkets it’s a pain!!

I was under the impression that it shows a reason on all decline messages. Or that is my experience anyway.

If you click into the declined message, scroll to the bottom and click ‘something wrong, tell us’ that will fire all the relevant transaction information over to Monzo and they should be able to help you get to the bottom of it :crossed_fingers:


I had this once in m&s and the cashier said it was the way their system was set up. Only time I’ve ever done 2 payments in the same shop one after another so no idea if this is a real thing or just the cashiers opinion

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Can confirm, M&S will decline payments if you do multiple transactions in a very short space of time.

I’d suggest you use Apple/Google Pay to avoid the contactless limit.

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