Paying money (coins) in to an authorised PayPoint store


As the title suggests, to prevent embarrassment that I do not walk in to an authorised PayPoint store with a handful of coins to pay in to my Monzo account, is this allowed or do they only accept notes?

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be allowed. Cash is cash is cash.


It will depend on the store, they should accept it as @MalaiseForever said but may quite some fair usage if you have tons of coinage.

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Don’t be the person in front of me in a Spar today, paying over £600 into PayPoint. In £5 notes.

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I think if your talking coin bags or taking the whisky bottle then be prepared for them to refuse.
Several £2 & £1 coins should be welcomed though.

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Another problem with PayPoint that the post office wouldn’t take issue with.

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