Bills Pot & Budgeting Date

I don’t use the budgeting features but at some point in the distance past I’ve told it I get paid on the last working day of the month.

The issue I’ve got, my bill pot is incorrect in showing how much is left to spend for my DD’s, it’s only going up to the 25th of this month. which for DD purposes is technically correct as the 28th is a Sunday and the last day of the month, so wouldn’t be expecting those kind of payments going out over the weekend.

The left to pay amount isn’t taking into account DD’s that it’s expecting to go out on the 28th, which will actually be the 25th.

So is it the budgeting feature messing it up because of the date I put in ages ago or is it just not clever enough to work out the 28th is really the 25th and they should be included in February?

Do you use Get-Paid-Early?

Monzo has ‘learned’ when an incoming payment usually happens and also that we’ve used get-paid-early in the past and correctly adjusts the end of the current Summary to match the income which triggers the start of the next Summary period. In our case, MrsW gets paid on the 26th, but we use get-paid-early and so Summary shows the end of this period as being on the 24th February - which is correct because we’ll claim it early on the 25th,

In your example, your Summary finishes on the 25th, so any direct debits expecting to trigger after the 25th will correctly be included in the next Summary period and won’t be reported in the current Summary period.

Managed to figure it out, I changed the budgeting date to 1st of every month yesterday, nothing happened so I thought that wasn’t the answer.

Overnight it actually updated and now the month is showing up as 1st to 28th Feb :ok_hand: those missing scheduled payments are now included in the figure.

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