Tattoo thread

(Rachel Raybould) #1

I have been on the community for a while now and always see people talking about their pots being their tattoo fund. Thought it would be cool to share and see them after we have used Monzo to save up for them!

(Daz Fisher) #2

(Daz Fisher) #3

And now cover over …

(Only available in amateur ) #4

That’s ace. How long did it take?

(Rachel Raybould) #5

That is awesome!

(Daz Fisher) #6

3½ hrs, very pleased at the end result especially as 4 previous artists said it wasn’t possible!


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(Daz Fisher) #8

I perhaps should just add, that I only ever wanted one tattoo.
Post divorce, I still only have the one tattoo :blush:

(Rachel Raybould) #9

Every cover up is possible! Might need laser to lighten but before was very light so I see no issues. Good timings though with that size piece.

(Rachel Raybould) #10

These are two of mine. After my aunt and grandma passed away.

(Ben) #11

This is my latest:

(Only available in amateur ) #12

That’s gorgeous


what’s that pattern from?

(Ben) #14

Just an abstract thing the tattoo artists designed. Has no specific meaning or influence, beyond “geometric shapes”.

(Only available in amateur ) #15

Looks very Native American