August Bank Holiday 2021: when will I get paid?


I am scheduled to get paid (via BACS) on the 31st of August. I ordinarily get paid a day earlier with Monzo, however this would fall on a Bank Holiday (Monday 30th).

Does this mean I will receive my pay on the the last working day of the month (Friday 27th) ?

Thanks very much :slight_smile:


BACS transfers work on a working day basis, so if Friday 27th is the last working day before the date on which you are due to receive the salary payment, the ‘get paid early’ feature would normally allow you to receive it on the 27th.

This really shouldn’t be relied on, though, and Monzo is under no obligation (as far as I know) to offer this or make it work.


You will get paid Friday.
If you use the Monzo pay early option then it will be Thursday after 4pm.

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Why Thursday?

Thursday is wrong. If you get paid on the last working day of the month the ‘get paid early’ option would open on Friday if functioning normally