Get Paid Early (Discussion)

Nor did I :cry:


Hey all, just to follow up on the above.

As Beth’s already said, getting paid early won’t be a Plus feature. It’s coming to everyone (soon!)

Sorry for any confusion. We’ll make sure all our COps know this.


@cookywook How soon is soon?




Do COps not have to take weekly or fortnightly tests?
You want to ensure they are giving the correct info, I think they should have to take a test each week. 10 minutes of time, multiple choice maybe? any wrong answers flags up to ensure they know it. Repeated failures on the same questions means that COps needs a talking to?
A noticeboard or newsletter type update means they might not take it in. Things they dont know, they wont know until after they’ve given wrong information to the customer.

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Seen this functionality in v2.56 now, all good :slight_smile: :clap:

I have my salary for tomorrow morning showing as grey on my feed now, so… I shall be checking in at 4pm today to see whether I can trigger it early. Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:


It’s still a trial for now, so I can’t give you a firm date for if or when we’ll roll it out to everyone. We want to really understand how people use it, and if it actually encourages more people to bring their salaries to Monzo.

We always do our best to make sure COps have everything they need to answer any question. We have specific channels in Slack set up for things they need to know, as well as announcements within the Monzo Chat tool itself. It looks like we just dropped the ball this time, sorry!

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See above…

It’s nice for us all to get an update regardless - it’s not all about you :wink:


Is this be rolled out to Joint Accounts? Both my wife’s salary and my own go into the JA.

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If you’re in the experiment your joint account is included too :blush:


Argh. The swipe down doesn’t work on the latest iOS beta :tired_face:

(Yes, I’m fully aware it’s at my own risk and things like this happen. I’ll just wait until pay day tomorrow now).

You could always opt-out of the Beta, roll back to the stable build and then opt back in afterward :grinning:

That would take as long as the 9 hours for the pay to hit the account at 1am anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Luckily the third iOS 13 beta released this evening fixed that issue.

Amazing timing.


What issue buddy ?

Pulling the money into the wallet for early pay.

I don’t think it’s to do with iOS 13 beta. They are doing a gradual roll out on the receiving salary early. I asked the CoPS earlier today