Get Paid Early - Christmas Dates

By popular demand - here are the Get Paid Early dates for the Christmas Season:

So from 4pm on the “Get Paid Early” date you can claim your :moneybag:

Assuming that you are paid by BACS, and where your regularly scheduled pay day moves to the nearest working day.


Pinned til January :heart:


Does anyone know if it definitely will be the 23rd for the get paid early for payments due 28th? Really worrying that I won’t actually get paid before Christmas :see_no_evil:


Yes it will be.


Hi I’m due to be paid on 29th december am I likely to get that early? I’m new to monzo so still getting used to it

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If you get paid by BACS and if your usual payment date is the 29th then it should show in the app on the 28th. You’ll need to tap into it and manually get the money from 4pm!

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This is the same as me! Fingers crossed for tomorrow. Is it now until tomorrow that I won’t see it as an incoming payment?

Thanks so much for this :+1:

Im due paid the 4th January so in theory should go in my account on the 3rd which is a bank holiday in scotland does anyone know if will get this payment early? Tia x

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I think Monzo operates to English Bank holidays, I’m afraid, so I think you’ll get it on the 3rd.

Thank for the reply just wasnt sure :slight_smile:

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Anyone have an ideas when the below pay early will work?

Monzo chat says they pay on 2nd???

Bacs sent today so day 1
Bacs day 2 would be 2nd - which is a bank holiday
Bacs day 3 - payment date should be 3rd???

Monzo allow you to claim a BACS payment from 4pm onwards, on the working/non-bank-holiday day before it is credited to your account. If it’s due to be credited on the 3rd, then you’ll be able to claim it at 4pm today - as per the chart in the first post in this thread :point_up:

Logic applied:
If due on the 3rd, you can claim 4pm+ on the 2nd. But the 2nd is a bank holiday, so you can claim 4pm+ on the 1st. But the 1st is a Sunday, so you can claim 4pm+ on the 31st. But the 31st is a Saturday, so you can claim 4pm+ on the 30th - today. Kerching :pound::smile_cat:


Apart from its due to be credited on the fourth, based on the above.

BACs day 1 is today
BACs day 2 is the 3rd (because BHs don’t count) when it should be available
BACS DAY three (normal crediting) would be Jan 4th for a payment that started today

(Edit actually isn’t there a day 0 too or am I misremembering that but, it’s been a while!)

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Ah yes, I was working back from the 3rd, rather than working forward from the BACS payment being sent today!

EDIT: @Gradders - is the payment showing in your Monzo feed (greyed out) now/today - shown under a group title of ‘4 days from now’? If it is, you can claim today after 4pm. If not, it can’t be claimed until after 4pm on the 3rd.


Thank you for the reply

Nothing as yet…. But have spoken to monzo who have said as soon as they receive it they will pay this. Which is great news

Appreciate your help on this


I am due paid on the 5th and usually can claim on Tuesday which is the 4th is there any possibility it may show as pending tomorrow or before the 4th?

The 4th is Weds, a normal day.

Whether it shows earlier or not won’t really matter, you won’t be able to claim it any earlier.


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