Faster transfers and transaction improvements ⚡️ July 2022 updates

Hey all! In case you missed it: earlier this year, we launched a way to connect your other accounts and view them within Monzo. Many of you told us you like the simplicity of seeing your full financial life in one place. And we hear you! :mega:

Since then, we have been working hard on the overall experience of managing your financial life with Monzo, all based on your feedback. :muscle:

Move money faster with Monzo :money_with_wings:
We upgraded the way we process ACH payments!

  • Transfers to other accounts made before 2:30PM Eastern Time should arrive the same day instead of the next day.
  • Transfers to your Monzo account: you’ll see a pending payment created immediately and the money will be available in your Monzo account to spend in 2-3 working days.
  • Transfers made during weekends and holidays may take longer.

Merchant logo improvements :shopping:
We think transaction info should be both easy to read and useful. You can change the category and merchant name, add notes and tags, and view location information on Monzo account transactions.

And with your help, we optimized over 400 of the most popular US chain restaurants, supermarkets, and gas stations to show correct names and logos! :sparkles:

Change categories on connected account transactions :white_check_mark:
You can now change any category on a connected account transaction. We’ll even remember the change you made on any future transaction! Simply select the transaction you’d like to update and tap the category and select your new category.

We’re still listening closely and we’ve even been chatting with some of you via video calls to learn how we can make the Monzo experience even better. We already have some exciting things in the works, so watch this space. :eyes:


There doesn’t seem to be as much chatter re: US Monzo, so just wanted to say it looks like you’ve been rolling out some really great updates recently! Hopefully as Monzo use expands, more US users will find their way to the community!