Move money to and from your other accounts – now in Beta testing

Hi all! We’re excited to announce that we’ve begun rolling out linking non-Monzo accounts to your Monzo account via Plaid today :tada: You can read all of the details over on our blog post.

We’ve enabled this feature for our most active users first, but we’ll be gradually rolling it out to everyone over the coming weeks. If you’re not seeing it, you’ve updated to the most recent app version, and you’d like to test this feature, just let us know via the in-app chat and we’ll happily enable it for you.

We’re really excited to ship something which should make using Monzo in the US much more convenient, and we’ll be releasing other features from our product roadmap in the near future. :rocket: We’d love to hear your thoughts so if you have any feedback or suggestions please let us know!


Nice! Just went through the process and it was easy to setup :slight_smile:

In terms of Plaid integration, I see you already have linking Monzo via plaid to other budgeting tools in the roadmap for 2021! I’m really glad to see that. Having that functionality along with Joint accounts will allow me to move my family’s primary checking over to Monzo as well (today my wife and I use Monzo only for our individual “fun money”).

Keep up the good work!