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(Ben Poole) #1

I’m in to my first couple of weeks now of using my Mondo card and all I can say is that it’s cracking! The notifications you get from card purchases is something banks can learn from and it’s something I’m only used to via having an American Express, very nice touch!

I’ve seen a couple of mentions on here about online purchases and names on card. I’ve recently used my Mondo to purchase online (ASOS) and it’s pretty simple: at checkout, when it asks for the name on the card, just type in the nine-digit XXX-XXX-XXX on the front of the card and it should accept it!

One thing I’d like to see; some form of passcode to open the app, or even the use Touch ID for security.

Mondo, keep it up :thumbsup:

(Stuart Cameron) #2

Any name online should work!

(Hugo Cornejo) #3

Yes, usually merchants don’t pay attention to the cardholder’s name so you could write anything. However, I’d recommend you to type your name instead of the nine-digit code. We need to improve the app to make totally clear how to use your Mondo card online, so everybody understands how does it work.

Fun fact, online commerce don’t usually check the “start date” either, so if your legacy bank card happens to have “start date” and “exp date” you can leave start date empty and it will work. Yeah yeah, I hear you saying “I’d love to have known that before Mondo, when I needed it” :wink:

Regarding Touch ID to open the app, we’re working on it :slight_smile:

(Caleb Wong) #4

Oh great! Really need Touch ID as to meet “standard” banks protocol. To achieve a more safe but easy way to access our account.