It's not gone right for me, but loving it already

(james brown) #1

From setting up to receiving my card. It was an absolute breeze.
Activated my card and took it for a trial run to McDonald’s naturally.
Contactless didn’t work, chip and pin didn’t work.

Used the help me feature. Messaged. Was messaged back and ordered a new card in minutes.

I had a similar experience with Barclays 3 days ago with their in app chat and I was cut off twice. Blunt bot like service. Whereas with Mondo despite my circumstances. Was a joy.

I’m excited to re start my journey with Mondo.

Consider keeping the name Mondo though. Once you have the banking license. It can be one word.


(James Billingham) #2

They have to change it sadly. It’s a trademark held by another company.

(Si) #3

I hate the name so I’m glad it’s changing. A friend of mine laughed when I showed her the card . :weary::weary: