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I think that’s a good idea :joy:

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It’s possible (just) to have both :slight_smile:


I got my speed upgrade after I complained, funny that

I give it 20 minutes.


Openreach Confirm UK Launch of 1.8Gbps and 1.2Gbps FTTP Tiers - ISPreview UK

When FTTP is not really FTTP… There is no reason at all that it cannot be symmetrical BT/OpenReach!

1.2Gbs download is great, but how about at least 1gb upload?

Cityfiber manage it just fine, so do Hyperoptic,

Are they running on the cheapest equipment or something? XGPON is supposed to be capable of 10g up/down, They’re artificially limiting the upload speed for reasons unknown

BT doesnt use XGPON with 10GB uplinks. They are testing it though but it wont be anytime soon.
Symmetrical would be nice as I would make heavy use of it but 99.9% of people I know wouldnt which is why I see BT caring less.
It also prevents their leased line business getting gutted quickly.

Strictly speaking FTTP is just a moniker for Fibre to the premises, it can be a 1mb link but still via Fibre.


Yeah, that is true. I guess I assume FTTP is at least symmetrical because it’s done via light, rather than electrical signals. Maybe it’s because they sold VDSL as fibre for ages, I because disillusioned