Virgin Cable Modem - Asus Router as a signal booster?

Hi Beings, (is this gender neutral:-))

Ok so last feb got myslef an Asus as was with Plusnet and game me the login details no issues ulike every other non cable company, so to same money as was paying for Sky TV, BT Sport and Plusnet moved eveerything, to Virgin Media in July, my contract with PlusNet finished 16/12, was still cheaper to keep plusnet running fibre and Virgin together than everything above via seperate companies :wink:

Once this 12 month contract with Virgin is up will shift everything to Sky, espcially now Rupert Murdoch not got his hands on it :wink:

So I still want to use the Asus AC88U as a signal booster if possible?



I don’t see a reason why your (very nice) router would stop working when switching provider

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Its only a DLS router which doesnt support cable modems they have a similar model with differnt connections for that, but never really intented to ever go to Virgin 5 months in still wishing we hadn’t lol.

As I have never used a Virgin modem / router before I dont know if i need to do something with the Virgin gear or just edit settings on the Asus

If it has a WAN port you should be good to go, just put the Virgin modem in bridge mode.

Otherwise you can still use the router as an access point if you disable its DHCP server and connect the Virgin modem to one of its LAN ports.

anyway to copnnect it wirelessly as the current position of the ASUS is central to the flat where as the Virgin is right at the front of the flat :wink:

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Nope unfortunately (not that it would be a good idea anyway). You can use a power line adapter for that instead.

Would need a 12 gang extension to free up the 2nd plug socket for a power line adapter :wink:

Its not safe to plug an extension into another extension cable :wink:

Most adapters are pass through so you don’t actually waste a socket. :+1:

I am justing going to check mine as I had 2 from BT when i had BT TV a few years ago

If you are correct then need to know how to sort Virgin gear :wink:

You are correct it does have a pass through so now need 2 times ethernet cables and see which port I need to free up on Virgin modem to connect power line

You reckon it will be safe to connect extension cable 6 way gang to it :wink:

You can connect 100 extension leads together if you want to - what matters is the total load on the first one (which is the sum of everything plugged into any of them). If you’re just using it for lights or electronics it’s totally safe. I just wouldn’t use it for anything heavy like a space heater or kettle.

Hi mate. I’m using an Asus Netgear for virgin broadband. Best decision I have made and had 0 issues. Any questions let me know il try help

The router is perfect on DSL (Non Cable), got my power lines ready, also need a wider wall socket fitted :wink:

So what would I need to do on the virgin modem and then the asus router?

You can set the Virgin Router into modem mode and then just plug your Asus router in and use that for dhcp :slight_smile:

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So just plug the router into one of the ethernet portts then?

Set virgin hub 3.0 to modem connected it up used a lan port on virgin hub 3 connected to my powerline and then put it on the wan connection in Asus got data showing on powerlines and asus recognises WAn connection but no internet :weary:

Got it sorted had to reset router all working fine easier than I thought :joy:

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Only issue I have no is only getting 35mbps DL, I take it this is due to modem Mode or the limit on my power lines?

Limit on the power line probably.

I use modem mode plugged directly into the router, get 110+ on a 100 line.

Hold on let me ask my crystal ball. :crystal_ball:

No luck I’m afraid, the only way to tell for sure is to test. Temporarily replace the power line adapters with an Ethernet cable and see if the speeds improve.