Game lock

I cannot login to bet365.please unblock the login to bookmakers

What’s this got to do with Monzo?

If you can’t log in then you need to contact Bet365

Unless you mean you can’t add money from Monzo

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Blocking access to the gambling site is nothing to do with Monzo that would be down to your ISP/router if you have parental controls on.

If you can’t login to Bet365 and can’t remember your account then reset your password on their site.

If you have Gambling transactions blocked and can’t deposit funds. In the Monzo app:

Click Account > Block Gambling transactions > Turn off

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I want to transfer money to my bet365 account with Monzo.He enters my card number validity date.but he will enter the cvc rejects it.I think that the bank has such a block on betting.but they can unlock it.they wrote to me in e-mail

:point_up_2: Follow the instructions in my post above.

You’ll get to a screen like this and hit that red button


The day before the withdrawal,I cannot withdraw. the money from my account.Before COVID I could(the payment on friday-the account was at 4pm on thursday)Is it COVIDS fault that there is no this option.

Think you’ve posted to the wrong post :thinking:

If you’re saying payment is due Friday then you’ll expect to see tomorrow that you can claim it from 4pm if it’s a BACS payment.

Today is Wednesday, not Thursday.

Easy to lose track when everyday is the same these days

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