Gambling Adverts

When did this all start ? Since 2017 i’ve noticed a ridiculous amount of gambling adverts on TV, especially sports channels.

Don’t understand why people would want to hand their money over in the slight chance they could win a few quid ?

I’m glad to see the " anti-gambling " adverts which have just started.


I agree. Personally, I hate them with a passion and really don’t see any value in them (for me or for society as a whole).

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I find what’s more annoying is YouTube thinks I’m the demographic for them and I get SO many

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Some people enjoy gambling, some people enjoy smoking and drinking, let people make their own choices of what they want to do, and not enforce the namby pamby state thinks for everyone.

Also remember that gambling companies pay these sports companies to advertise, so the likes of Chelsea arent going to say no.

How about banning car adverts or cat food, i already have a car and prefer dogs


You wouldn’t see adverts for smoking on TV though would you?

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Not anymore, but you see booze adverts, which kills a lot more people and costs the NHS a lot more money

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If I could filter them out myself I would happily take that option.But I don’t

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The state has to intervene on occasion and gambling is very much definitely one of them


The Government (at least I think it is the Government) do have anti-gambling initiatives and on every gambling advert there are warning about gambling.

The newest scheme is “Bet Regret” but I remember “When the fun stops, stop”. I don’t see the need to remove gambling ads once and for all, I typically only see them when I watch the football.

Other than being able to take the mickey out of one of my friends who resembles Ray Winstone, I’m non plussed about gambling ads.

I don’t dislike them, I don’t like them - I’m not sure I actually like any adverts to be honest?

Ultimately, I’d be happy to see any advert that is associated with addiction moved to a post watershed time slot.

But these days, that could be a huge number of things.

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Yeah the government has a Gambling Awareness initiative - gambling ads are highly regulated. You’ll notice they cant show someone being exited at winning, they can’t focus too much on bonuses or a lot of the features in gambling games/systems etc. It’s like alcohol, advertising is a huge hassle and there are big fines if you make it seem too attractive (you’ll never see an alcohol ad imply you might get laid, or you’ll feel good from drinking the product anymore, whereas they used to completely focus on this).

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Just remember how highly regulated an industry it is and how much money the Government make out of taxes.

40,000 Jobs and around £2.3Billion per year and a total net value to the UK of £5Billion a year.

Most of that money would be spent elsewhere- it wouldn’t just disappear from the economy and would more likely be better spent elsewhere

I watched TV for the first time in ages last night. The amount of gambling ads, followed by payday loan ads was pretty shocking. Plus, what’s up with all the hoover ads. :neutral_face:

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They will be banning ads in between sporting events on tele soon. I’m not sure when this is coming into place but prettify sure it is happening. The only exception being on sports that are betting based (such as horse racing). I personally don’t have a problem with them and the Paddy Power ones are really funny.

Personally I really dislike gambling adverts, which is entirely because they’re incredibly predatory.

I think comparing them to drinking is disingenuous because drinking adverts don’t tailor themselves to exploit those that can’t control themselves, you don’t hear adverts for say Carlsberg with ‘Try our new IPA, it’ll get you absolutely bladdered and help you forget your problems’, they’re typically more or less exactly the same as soft drink adverts, with a different setting (pub/bar) and with a strong and very clear ‘drink aware’ message at the end.

Gambling adverts are a lot different, because they encourage people to spend just a little bit more, or get back into gambling and we’ll give you £30 free credit for £5 or along those lines.

For those of us that have never been invested in gambling, or who are not prone to addiction these come across as harmless. But the entire aim of these adverts is to hook in people that don’t have the self control to stop, £5 is enough for one game, or one bet perhaps but £30? That makes you want to play a few games, then a few more… Then your entire month salary is gone.

I wish they would be banned.


Agreed. There’s something that just feels wrong to me when I see betting adverts.

Oh twitter, I’ve started blocking accounts which show me Ads that I disagree with, and I have been shocked at how quickly those are then replaced with other gambling Ads, often from a betting company with multiple twitter accounts!

E.g. I blocked Bet365 Ads, only to have those replaced with Bet365 Bingo Ads, which I also blocked, which then were replaced by Bet365 Gaming Ads! All separate accounts.

It was annoying for me, but if I actually had an issue with gambling, and was a trying to avoid these things, it would make life very difficult.


I’m not a gambler, or a drinker (yeah, I’m that boring), but I’ve known some people in the past who would see a “harmless” advert for an alcoholic drink, and feel the need to go and get one there and then.

Both adverts have awareness messages on them - Both can be as harmful as each other.

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I definitely agree and ideally, I’d like neither.

However, I think that Gambling adverts are much more predatory as they pretty much actively encourage addicts, whereas alcohol adverts are more awareness of a product.

They are no different to me than all of the other types of advertisements that can potentially prey on vulnerable people.

For example “Need a quick boost before pay day? Have poor credit history? Come and borrow £X and get approved in 5 minutes.”. Then insert ridiculous interest rate at the bottom.

Weight loss miracle cures that have little to no medical benefits but prey on the desperate wanting to lose weight when really it’s the “when taken as part of a healthy diet and regular exercise” that is the actual solution.

How about the national lottery? Probably the most recognised and seemingly accepted form of gambling that has millions partake in it weekly. The odds of you winning are so improbable yet here we are. We all know the phrase “You have to be in it to win it” and adverts like “it’s a 3x rollover this week worth £X million, someone has to win it” which is then followed by a huge increase in ticket sales.

Gambling, drinking, junk food, etc are all things that can be enjoyed by the masses. Like everything, it’s in moderation. However, there will always be the exceptions in every case and so we see the outcome of gambling addiction, alcoholism and obesity.

I’m not saying I agree with the advertisements. I personally dislike all adverts and wish I could be rid of them everywhere. I’m simply saying that gambling is a potential issue for certain people as are many other things that we see pushed onto us on a daily basis. At the end of the day, it’s about profit. These companies will push the limits of the regulations they must enforce that still allows them to maximise profit.