Gambling clinic for 16-25 year olds

Just thought it was an interesting article I read baring in mind EA recent painfully inadequate defence of loot boxes.

Fixed it :+1:t2:

I watched inside gaming’s video on it and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing…

I think I watched that one, but definitely AngryJoe and CleanPrinceGaming (think it was those two).

It is actually wild they way they legally defended it.

The way they dodged the “how often is it used” question amongst other things. I think it needs to be removed from the game(s) completely - you don’t buy a £60 game to then spend £100s-£1,000s more so you can be better at it.

It was the fact that some people in order to compete at top level of FIFA spent 6.5k and comparing it to traditional gaming -.-

Its actually crazy isn’t it. I remember a stat being thrown around when Star Wars Battlefront 2 was just out, that it would take something like 4,528 hours of gameplay to unlock everything in the base came.

188 days of solid gameplay just to unlock everything without paying.

I think what’s worse is how it’s deliberately aimed at children and to an extent less technologically advanced parents. And the extension of this becomes gambling. A very controversial moral question" which is worse gambling or loot boxes" personally I would argue loot boxes

I mean take the age restriction out of traditional gamling, it is still heavily regulated (to the point where you can’t or at least couldn’t gamble online in the US). Whereas all you need is a credit card synced up to the console and BAM £1,000s could be drained in minutes.

At least on a roulette table I know my odds of winning are 35/1 if I put on a single number, but what is the odds that I pack a MOTM Messi or whatever else.

Isn’t it 36/1? They pay out 35/1.

I get confused with the US ones where there have 0 and 00 so I can’t actually remember what it is :laughing:

EDIT: I think the odds are 1 in 37 and you get paid out at 35/1 ? (maybe?)

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But does adding probabilities make it more tolerable baring in mind it has no value

It would make it less tolerable because you’d realise there is a 0.0000000001% chance of packing Messi which would just be bonkers - hence why they don’t tell you.

The worst part as you say is that it isn’t a tangible thing you own, the minute those servers shut down, bye bye whatever “winnings” you have.

Yeah I know part of the regulations in China in order to not get them banned was to publish the odds but I don’t think that goes far enough I think I they should be banned outright.

Yeah, gambling it’s pretty big problem for one group of people, but there are still people who know exactly how to play and how to win.