A Hello and mini apology in one!

Hey Everyone,

It really has been ages since was on here properly, scanning around I see endless new names and exciting changes going on!

Been so busy recently, with a lot of it being a “side effect” :wink: of Monzo, ever since I started speaking up about gambling honestly on here! Currently have a bit of a secret ‘project’ ongoing at the moment that really can’t wait to share when the moment is right…

This week has been a bit strange, recorded a podcast for Radio 1, talking with the presenters for nearly half an hour about, you guessed it, gambling and getting out of debt. (Most people get bored after minutes! aha) - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p07gycrq

Well I am going to be back on here much more again, I need to get back into all the things I like!

But yeah, hows it going, what’s the goss!? Sorry it’s been so long…


Hello again! :wink:

So good to see and hear all the amazing things you’ve been up to, for such great causes :heart:

Can’t wait to see the next steps on this secret project…


well not I’m intrigued


You’re too famous for us now :wink:

Glad it’s keeping you busy though.



:eyes: :eyes: :thinking: :grinning:

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@Dannytc if you ever want to continue the discussion about whether Loot Boxes constitute gambling there’s even more stuff on it now.

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