Ban on gambling adverts during live sports broadcasts

I wonder if this voluntary ban was to try and avoid harsher regulations. What are people’s thoughts on this?

I’m not one for sportsbook betting so find the adverts annoying regardless, but I’m sure they’re far from positive for those who are easily inclined with sportsbooks.

Variety of sources:

i News

Glad it’s happening because they spam out so many adverts during the game it’s annoying. Personally though i’d ban all betting adverts, if you want to gamble that’s great but it shouldn’t be shoved in your face every five minutes


Good but I wonder what slice of the betting market this actually is. Its probably a tiny amount and it probably doesn’t go far enough I’m not sure what the specifics are + I don’t want this to be appeasement to prevent the banning of FOBT max bets.
@Dannytc Will probably have a better idea of the issues surrounding it.

It’s clearly to preempt any legislation being put into place, if they were to properly ban betting adverts whistle to whistle they’d also have to ban shirt sponsors and advertising hoardings.

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