Time Flies

How’s everyone doing? Time really does fly, actually only feels like last week I was posting on here daily.

It’s actually been a crazy journey since gambling block launched back in 2018, gambling campaigning went a bit full on. Lots of bit changes coming up, UK might actually be about to clean up its gambling industry and we are likely to see an end to the advertising tidal wave!

I see lots of new faces around, any room left for an old timer?! Hope everyone has been good during lockdown.

What have I missed?

Hope to be back on here more often again (Sorry ha)


Oh, interesting! What are the changes, where did you see?

Welcome back.
I imagine it’s been a whirlwind for you.

At least by providing your story it surely has helped others.

In terms of what you have missed?
Simon left Monzo
Business accounts probably biggest thing.
Not much else apart from the Plus saga and lots of people upset as there accounts have been closed - possibly due to fraud?

I’m sure others will provide details of what I have missed out!


Danny! Good to see you!!

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It’s your cake day? Thankfully he hasn’t missed that :laughing: :partying_face:

… like a banana